So, the Food Blog Alliance told me that every good blog should have an "About" page, and that it just may be needed before a blog could even be considered good. So I'll try. Are you sensing my feeling of dread? This feels about as comfortable as writing the "About Me" section on Facebook, which feels so uncomfortable and self-indulgent to me, I didn't even fill it in.

First, they said I should include contact details. So if there is something you would like to ask me that you don't want posted in comments, my email is gladwrap_queen at hotmail dot com I'm happy to (try to) answer questions, help out with recipes, or have a chat.

Second was a mission statement. Phew, this is the easy part! If I could get just some people to cook most of their own dinners, snacks, work lunches, breakfasts and to entertain some friends without being stressed out, I'd be happy girl, and they'd have happier, healthier families. I will only post recipes that I have tried and loved, and hopefully you will begin to trust me on this. (I'm told trust is a big part of blogging).

The hard part, is a simple biography. Put very simply, I'm a 25yo Queenslander (Australian) mum of one 3yo girl, who has always had an unhealthy interest (read obsession) with cooking, eating and hospitality. I'm not a chef, but have always wanted to be (that's how the blog got it's name) and even started my apprenticeship, then quit two years in to become an accountant. Big mistake. Anyways, here I am, a SAHM who is finding a creative outlet with this blogging thing. PS I love knives, KitchenAids, vanilla, steak, chocolate and souffles.

The most bizarre suggestion was for an "inviting photo". I'm not sure I'll ever understand what constitutes an 'inviting' photo, but I put a photo on my profile, and... I hope it's inviting...

Finally, there'll be no link exchanges. They are naughty and you shouldn't use them either. But if you would like me to check out your blog, and it's something I think my readers might enjoy too, I'll be happy to exchange links that way.