Saturday, June 12, 2010

King Valley Free Range Pork

Remember a few posts back when I received the surprise package in the mail from Elizabeth at King Valley Free Range Pork? Well, I thought I should show you what else became of all the mixed cures and cuts I was so lucky to sample. Besides the few slices I snuck all for myself, gently fried, browned and savoured during one of those rare minutes of peace - I'd like to think I got a bit of mileage out of my special present.

There was soup. The streaky belly bacon and became the contrast to a smooth and sweet potato and leek soup.

There was pizza. Simple, homemade pizza base with a little dried oregano woven into the dough, topped with pesto, thinly sliced potato, KVFR bacon and some shavings of Parmesan cheese. 

There was steak. Ridiculously marbled grassfed portherhouse, wrapped in smokey KVFR loin bacon. Seared with a little butter, served alongside some herby, buttery, new potatoes.


Hummers said...

That pizza looks awesome Ellice.. yummo!!!

... and isn't the taste of KVFR pork in a league of it's own!!

Nelly said...

I'll have a serving of each thanks Elsie!!
God, that steak!!!!

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